Cherry Muscat Cocktail over Sauternes Ice

Not your average, simple cocktail, the Cherry Muscat Cocktail grabs flavors from around the world and muddles them into a refreshing, flavorful delight. In this cocktail, the La Aurora 2019’s notes of white grape are featured, both from the muddled Muscat grape and the extremely grape-centered Sauternes. The base alcohol is Bacardi Gran Reserva for its elegant and light-bodied structure, as well as it’s sugarcane earthiness that works well with the cherry brandy and cherry notes in the honey. The Sauternes ice melts quickly and makes a slushy-like cocktail; Vanilla DRY soda tops off the drink and adds to the feeling of airy lightness as you imbibe.


½ cup Sauternes
½ cup water

8 Muscat grapes
2 oz Bacardi Maestro de Ron Gran Reserva (white)
½ oz honey syrup
½ oz lemon juice
¼ oz Clear Creek Distiller Cherry Brandy
1 egg white
DRY vanilla soda


Mix the Sauternes and water in a glass and then pour into ice trays with small cavities. Freeze solid. It will be slightly slushy.

Muddle the grapes in a shaker. Add rum, honey syrup, lemon juice, cherry brandy, and egg white. Shake vigorously until frothy. Add a few ice cubes and shake for another 10 seconds. Add the Sauternes ice cubes to a high-ball glass. Strain the rum mixture over the ice. Top with the vanilla soda until froth slightly overfills the glass.


¼ cup 2019 La Aurora honey
1 Tbsp boiling water

Mix honey and boiling water together until thoroughly blended.