The Caipirinha

Bright, flavorful, and refreshing, a caipirinha is a Brazilian cocktail (some consider it THE Brazilian cocktail) that normally features spoonfuls of cane sugar.  Honey not only makes this drink healthier, it also makes it more flavorful if paired correctly.  Dona Branca cachaça is light and soft, aged in jequitibá wood; with this in mind, we paired the lightly woody alcohol with the dusky daffodil flavors in La Aurora 2019.  The tart cranberry and cherry in the honey work perfectly with lime, and the overall effect elevates the cocktail to brighter, more refreshing heights.


2 oz cachaca
1 oz small lime pieces
¾ oz lime juice
¾ oz honey syrup


Add all ingredients to a shaker with a hefty amount of crushed ice.  Shake for 30 seconds and pour into a tumbler.

¼ cup La Aurora 2019 honey
1 Tbsp hot water

Mix honey and hot water and stir until smooth.