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Frequently Asked Questions


My honey is crystallized!

We aim to send you honey as fresh from harvest as possible. However, temperature, time, and humidity of your environment can change the fluidity of your honey. If it is crystallized, be reassured—only real honey crystallizes. In many countries, people will not eat honey unless it is crystallized, just to be certain it is real.

If this happens, place your jar in a water bath with the top removed for 10-30 minutes. Stir every five minutes or so until it is liquefied again.


Do you ship outside the U.S.?

At this time, we do not ship outside of the U.S. and Canada.


Do you take returns?

Since honey is food, we do not take returns. However, please call us if you have any issues with your jar of honey.


Why should I buy State honey instead of my local farmer's market honey?

We encourage you to buy both! Your local farmer’s market honey has all the same special qualities of any honey and has many health boons besides. However, State endeavors to bring flavors to your table that you have probably never tried. In the U.S. honeys have a predominance of blackberry and clover flavors because these are common plants in agricultural areas. Tasting honey from flowers you have never seen before brings a whole other level of experience and understanding of what honey can be.


How does State view honey pairings?

Honey should not be viewed as sugar or sweetener. It does not have a universal flavor that is guaranteed every time you use it. It should be treated like a spice—spices are meant to be paired and cooked with the right combinations of flavors to make each aspect of a dish shine.

We spend time understanding the flavor profile of each of our honeys to ensure they are paired well with food. Of course, you can always dig a spoonful into the jar and eat it straight from there! But if the honey will be used in or with food or drinks, pairing the right honey with them is important to allow the flavors to meld and shine. The same is true of wine—the right pairing enhances the flavor of the food, and in return, the flavors of the wine are more prominent.


Are State honeys filtered?

Our honeys are raw and minimally filtered; they are filtered only to remove large bits of pollen.


Can I cancel my honey club membership?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at anytime by logging into your account. Send us an email if you have any difficulties, and we will be glad to help you but sad to see you go.