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Pure, Raw Honey
a collection from Nayarit, Mexico

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Our Collection of Raw Honeys

All of our raw, pure honeys are different and unique, even from the same location. The climate changes the flowers that bloom, which changes the way the honey tastes. Tasting the same honey side by side with a different year will show you similar qualities with different flavors. We encourage you to explore all of them! Free shipping on all honey.

2019 La Aurora Meadow Honey

La Aurora 2019 is floral, sweet/tart, raw honey with a smooth finish. The flavor profile is tart cherry, grape, pear, and daffodil. 11.5 oz. Free shipping.

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2018 La Aurora Meadow Honey

La Aurora 2018 is light and fragrant raw honey with a clean finish. The flavor profile is spring flowers, sour fruits, and brown sugar. 11.5 oz. Free shipping.

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2018 Castillo del Sol Orchard Honey

Castillo del Sol 2018 is smooth and buttery raw honey that is rich and dense. The flavor profile is molasses, figs, butterscotch, and raisin. 11.5 oz. Free shipping.

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2018 La Tovara Mangrove Honey

La Tovara 2018 is light and bright raw honey with a hint of bitters. The flavor profile is savory herbs, sea salt, and warm spice. 11.5 oz. Free shipping.
*This honey includes an extra fee that goes to support the Mangrove Preserves around La Tovara.

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Raw & Pure

Our honey is natural, raw honey, unadulterated and unaltered in any way. All our honey is harvested straight from the comb, collected carefully, and delivered to you with minimal handling. It is unheated, unpasteurized, unmixed, pure honey. It is honey that crystallizes, so you can be sure it is the real thing. It has all the beneficial enzymes, phytonutrients, and antioxidants that should be present in pure, raw honey.


A Curated Collection

We search for honey around the world to bring you the most unique, delicious honey. Our honeys have specific, interesting flavor profiles with depth of flavor. However, the flavors are all natural, with nothing added. They are simply the results of the interesting flowers found in each location. All honey is a marvel created by nature; however, the honeys we bring you are rare combinations of terroir, climate, and care that are hard to find but amazingly delicious.