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Honey that is a place, a time, an experience. 


Spring Release

La Aurora Meadow Honey 2019

2019 Harvest - Coming Soon



Castillo del Sol 2019 / June
La Tovara 2019 / September
Ahumado 2019 / TBA


Why our honey is unlike anything else.

Honey captures the essence of a season, time, and place just as much as wine does. As terroir influences the honey each season, flavor profiles change as well - unique, rich, and non-repeatable. This is why we believe that honey should be treated as a spice, not as a substitute sweetener. Our honey comes from apiculturists who use the most ethical practices—the bees get a healthy diet of broad vegetation year-round. This not only keeps the bees healthy and strong, it creates honey that is rich, multi-layered, and unique.

We want to preserve this experience so that each year brings something new, exciting, and irreplaceable. We celebrate this incredible gift of nature and look forward to seeing what each year will bring. We hope you will join us in the discovery!


The Honey Epicure Club


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