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Meadow Honey ‘La Aurora’ 2019 Release

A delightful, dense raw honey with dusky, tart fruit notes that pairs well with bright foods. Collected from the wild flower meadows of Nayarit.


Tasting Notes

Daffodil | Tart cherry | White grape | Anjou pear | Cranberry

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Compare 2018 to 2019

The essence of spring flower is still present but tends more towards earthy daffodil than super-sweet florals. White grape, tart cherry, and pear are bright mid-fruit flavors compared to a more dense apricot and candied pecan from 2018. The finish is still decidedly tart but with more powerful cranberry, rather than only slightly tart tropical fruits. Overall, the honey has a much lighter mouthfeel with a clean finish.

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Chicken, pork, aquavit, white rum, Gruyere, and ceylon tea.

The Meadows of Nayarit

Nayarit is a lush, verdant, coastal state of Mexico. Mangrove trees hug the Pacific coastline, sweep up into low hills smothered in sugar cane and fruit trees, and rise sharply up to 4,500 feet, where coffee plants hide beneath a pine canopy.

The valleys which meander through pine forested mountains and sugar fields host a fête of wildflowers in late summer. The sky is wide open to sunshine and rain, and the dark, luxurious soil soaks in both to provide the backdrop for the abundance. Blossoms paint the landscape with wildness and abandon.  The nectar contains this gala in
every drop, providing honey that is multi-layered, sweet, and overflowing with flowers.

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