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Welcome to the Honey Epicure Club

Join us as we experience the unrepeatable terroir and flavors of honey.


The perfect addition to your wine club.


Easy recipes and pairing suggestions with each honey.

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With each delivery, compare honey taste, pairings, viscosity, color, and terroir.



Every honey we send you will be unique and delicious, and we will give you recipes and ideas on how to add them to your favorite drinks for layers of taste and nuance. Adding the right honey to a cocktail or coffee can take even a good beverage to the next level.

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Ethical Practices

Your membership helps us support small apicultural farms with ethical practices.
They, in turn, build healthy honeybee colonies which pollinate diverse ecosystems.
Good practices have a cyclical effect upward, increasing the benefits for all involved.


A Curated Experience

The Honey Epicure Club offers honey lovers, foodies, mixologists, chefs - or those that just enjoy finding the hidden gems of the world - an even more curated experience in using and appreciating honey as a food and a spice. When you join, you will receive quarterly shipments with two jars of the best, most unique honey available in the season. Each shipment, honeys are matched together for their comparison in terroir, style, or region, along with tasting notes, recipe ideas, and more information about the source. Members will always have first access to our newest releases and rarest finds. Like a wine club, you will be able to experience the finest quality products delivered right to your door.

It also makes a perfect gift for the food lover in your life!



Compare two jars of honey each shipment and discover the vast differences terroir can make.