Sunny Side Cocktail

Bacardi’s Maestro de Ron is an elegant base for a cocktail with it’s notes of walnut, honey, and currant. Paired with it’s aged counterpart, Bacardi Ocho, and Castillo del Sol Orchard Honey, the flavors blend into warm notes of vanilla and ripe fruits.  We added a punch of brightness by infusing the honey syrup with mandarin and then added a touch of acidity with starfruit.  It’s a perfect drink to cart you away to somewhere sunny in the depths of winter.


¼ cup rough chopped starfruit
2 ounces white rum*
1 ounce dark rum*
1 ounce mandarin honey syrup
5 drops bitters


Muddle starfruit in a shaker to loosen the juice.  Add the other ingredients with ice and shake. Strain into a glass with a cube of ice.  Make sure to use a fine sieve so that no starfruit pieces are allowed into the final drink.  Garnish with starfruit.


We used Bacardi Maestro de Ron for the light rum and Bacardi Ocho for the dark rum.  They make for an exceptionally smooth cocktail.