Ernest Hemingway Hot Toddy

Add an esoteric twist to the old-fashioned, comforting hot toddy by turning the Ernest Hemingway into one! We paired our La Aurora Meadow Honey, with its intense florals, with D’Usse VSOP; the florals in this lovely cognac marry nicely with those in the honey, and the woodsy and spicy notes add a layer of depth to keep the drink balanced. Bénédictine, a sixteenth century liquor made with 27 flower, berries, and other botanicals, is the traditional partner to cognac in an Ernest Hemingway, and adds an intrigue to the drink when paired with La Aurora Honey.


2 ounces cognac
½ ounce Benedictine
1 Tbsp La Aurora Meadow Honey
½ tsp lemon juice
3 ounces very hot water
lemon twist


Add the cognac, Benedictine, honey, and lemon juice to a pretty glass or mug. Stir until thoroughly blended. Top with the hot water, stir again, and add the twist.


*We love D’Usse VSOP cognac in this cocktail for its strong floral notes and woodsy balance. It is smooth, but bright, and stands up to the other flavors in the Ernest Hemingway.