Honey Brûlée Brie

Buttery brie is a perfect partner to the buttery smoothness of our Orchard Honey. Set aflame with a hand torch, the honey caramelizes to perfection and melts into the brie. We paired the cheese with Firehook Rosemary Sea Salt crackers for the perfect, salty crunch and extra punch of flavor.  


1 wheel of triple crème brie
3 tablesoons El Castillo del Sol Orchard Honey


Cut the top rind off the brie and place onto a heat-proof plate. Make sure the surface is as flat and even as possible—otherwise all of your honey will roll off one side. Spoon honey evenly over the top of the brie. Using a hand-held butane kitchen torch, hold about 6 inches from honey and heat evenly until bubbly and starting to char.  The honey will spill over the sides as this happens, but continue to char the cheese and honey until evenly caramelized. Sprinkle with chopped rosemary and serve with crackers.