Charred Blood Orange Cocktail

One of the most important parts about experiencing honey is pairing it with the right foods to fully bring out all the flavors.  Here, we paired savory mezcal with our savory La Tovara mangrove honey.  Both are earthy, green, and full of mineral, and paired, they bring out the best of those flavors in each other.

To make this cocktail, we charred some blood orange peel to also highlight the smokiness of the mezcal and added thyme to create a pop of additional savory.  The whole cocktail is balanced with blood orange juice and some tart lime to round out the flavors.


Strip of blood orange peel
Spring of thyme
2 parts mezcal
1 part La Tovara honey syrup*
2 parts blood orange juice
½ part lime juice


Over your shaker, light a match and burn the edges of the orange peel.Add to the shaker along with the thyme, and muddle.Add the mezcal and muddle all the ingredients together.Add the honey syrup, orange juice, and lime juice, and top with ice.Shake vigorously.Strain into a glass with ice (make sure no thyme or peel slip through), and garnish with slices of blood orange.