Honey Simple Syrup

Honey is a wonderful way to flavor and sweeten all types of beverages, from lemonade to coffee to cocktails.  However, when adding honey to cold beverage, it will harden and form a lump at the bottom of your glass or shaker. It is best to dilute the honey with water in order to blend them into the other beverages. 

Simple syrup is also a great way to use crystallized honey since the process involves dissolving the honey anyway.  The method for coaxing the honey crystals into the water is also below.


½ cup hot water
½ cup honey


Combine the honey and hot water and stir until the honey is dissolved.  Cool the mixture to room temperature.  Store in refrigerator.


If your honey is crystallized, it may not dissolve completely in hot water alone.  We recommend trying with the hot water method first in order to preserve the raw nature of the honey as much as possible. However, depending on your environment, this may not work.  If that is the case, add the honey-water mixture to a small saucepan and heat on the stove on low.  Stir constantly and don’t allow it to simmer or boil.  As soon as the honey is dissolved, remove from heat and cool.


*This recipe below is the most basic form of simple syrup.  However, depending on your recipe, a ratio of 1 part honey: ½ part water may be more appropriate.