Bourbon Hot Toddy

On short, dreary days, it is perfect to warm your hands around a hot toddy made with El Castillo del Sol Orchard honey.  With it’s buttery, molasses flavors, it pairs perfectly with bourbon and cinnamon.  It’s a rich, satisfying toddy, with flavors that meld together and amplify each other.  


2 ounces bourbon
2 tablespoons Castillo del Sol Orchard Honey
½ teaspoon lemon juice
4 ounces boiling water
Lemon, cloves, and a cinnamon stick


Add the bourbon, honey, and lemon juice to a mug or glass. Top with the water.  Stir until the honey is dissolved.  Add the cinnamon stick to the mug, and garnish with clove-studded lemon slices. 


Castillo del Sol is a great match for Oregon Spirit Distillers’ award-winning Straight American Bourbon.