Mon Cheri


Mon Cherie is a romantic, celebratory cocktail that is deeply flavored, smooth, and unexpected. Hardy Cognac Legend has notes of marmalade, coffee, and vanilla that are amplified by the molasses, butter, and stone fruit of Castillo del Sol honey.  Tart cherry and rosemary round out the drink and add richness and depth. 


Spring rosemary
2 parts tart cherry juice*
2 parts Hardy Legend 1863 Cognac
½ part Castillo del Sol honey syrup


Muddle rosemary in a shaker to open up the oils and botanicals.  Fill the shaker with ice.  Add the other ingredients, cover, and shake.  Strain with a sieve into a beautiful glass.  Place an elegant and pretty garnish on the glass.

Honey Syrup: Measure ¼ cup of honey into measuring cup.  Add ¼  cup of very hot water and stir until smooth.  Refrigerate when not in use. For the Mon Cherie, use Castillo del Sol Orchard Honey.

Cognac: This cocktail is divine with Hardy Legend 1863.  If it is not available, make sure to find a cognac that has some substantial flavor notes to stand up to the cherry.


*For a more vibrant looking and tasting drink, use 1 part tart cherry juice concentrate diluted with 1 part filtered water.  The photos show this method. The drink has a smoother mouthfeel and the cherry is more flavorful.