Balvenie Manhattan

Balvenie Manhattan_03.jpg

Would you dare to add a touch of honey to a Balvenie Scotch Manhattan? Caribbean Cask, with it's honey, vanilla, and oak notes comes alive with La Tovara honey and Vermouth Ditorino as companions. The honey and vermouth share herbal, mineral and earth notes which amplify each other and highlight the scotch. Top off with orange and Tochhia Merena Cherries to round out this luxurious drink.


3 parts Balvenie Caribbean Cask Scotch
½ part Cocchi Vermouth di Torino
½ part La Tovara honey syrup
Orange peel (x2)
Amarena cherries


Fill a shaker with ice.  Add the scotch, vermouth, honey syrup.  Peel an orange over the shaker to capture the oils, and then add to the shaker.  Stir—don’t shake!  Strain over a cube of ice.  Top with another strip of orange peel and some Amarena cherries. 


*Honey Syrup: Measure ¼ cup of honey into measuring cup.  Add ¼ cup of very hot water and stir until smooth.  Refrigerate when not in use. For a Balvenie Manhattan, use La Tovara Honey.