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Castillo del Sol 2018

To walk in the dense, cool orchards of Castillo del Sol is to reimagine the Garden of Eden. The dark red, damp soil speaks of abundance and the continuity of life.

Compared to Castillo del Sol 2017

The anchoring flavors for Castillo del Sol are molasses and dried calimyrna fig, and these are fully present in 2018’s profile. Whereas 2017 shows off the buttery flavors of mango and avocado, 2018 is all raisin, fig, and butterscotch candy. The finish is decidedly more earthy, with its notes of carob, rather than lingering butter. The mouthfeel on 2018 is even more smooth and sumptuous than 2017.



Tasting Notes

Black raisins
Butterscotch candy



Fruit of every kind drips ripe and rich in the overgrown orchard. The deep, lush hills of mango and avocado predominate the landscape, offering all their richness in every drop of nectar. Flowers of every shape and size hug in among the trees, building bright layers. The honey created is fruity sweet, dark, and rich.


Recommended Pairings

Buttery cheese, vanilla, waffle, bacon, red meats, rum, and chocolate.




Nayarit is a lush, verdant, coastal state of Mexico. Mangrove trees hug the Pacific coastline and sweep up into the delta, teeming with wildlife.

The terrain loops up into low hills smothered in sugar cane and fruit trees, and then rises sharply up to 4,500 feet, where coffee plants hide beneath a pine canopy. 

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Castillo del Sol 2018 | Orchard Honey

11.5 oz

Castillo del Sol is created in the dense, cool orchards of Nayarit that drip with fruit of every kind. With a smooth and buttery mouthfeel, this thick honey has avocado and molasses tasting notes. Try pairing with red meats, rum, and chocolate.

Every jar comes in a STATE box with a tasting notes card and thank you card, perfect for an easy, beautiful gift.